datalogd - A Data Logging Daemon

datalogd is a data logging daemon service which uses a source/filter/sink plugin architecture to allow extensive customisation and maximum flexibility. There are no strict specifications or requirements for data types, but typical examples would be readings from environmental sensors such as temperature, humidity, voltage or the like.

The user guide and API documentation can be read online at Read the Docs. Source code is available on GitLab.

Custom data sources, filters, or sinks can be created simply by extending an existing DataSource, DataFilter, or DataSink python class and placing it in a plugin directory.

Data sources, filters, and sinks can be arbitrarily connected together with a connection digraph described using the DOT graph description language.

Provided data source plugins include:
  • LibSensorsDataSource - (Linux) computer motherboard sensors for temperature, fan speed, voltage etc.
  • SerialDataSource - generic data received through a serial port device. Arduino code for acquiring and sending data through its USB serial connection is also included.
  • RandomWalkDataSource - testing or demonstration data source using a random walk algorithm.
Provided data sink plugins include:
Provided data filter plugins include:

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